ArborWind Benefits

AW Benefits

Superior Performance

An ArborWind turbine is the investment that keeps on giving.

With no fuel cost and little maintenance expense, just consider some of these benefits:

  • Lower electric bills and/or energy costs. In many conditions, the savings can start immediately.
  • Control your own power source and become substantially independent of varying utility fuel and generation costs.
  • Stabilize your cost of power for 30 years or more. Did you realize that the average cost of delivered grid power has increased by over 500% since 1970.
  • Cost effectively meet your and community renewable power goals with environmentally sensitive business practices. Demonstrate your interest in a “green” sustainable future.
  • Market your business practices to discerning customers which value sustainability and environmental awareness.
  • Promote your business to all types of customers because of the high visibility of this “new” advance windpower technology.
  • Reduce your upfront investment expenses through investment tax credits and other programs.
  • Educate and train others through your experiences. Be a leader.